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bookmonth march

I feel like I'm always uploading these in the middle of the new month instead of the start. But I guess as long as I don't post them too late it'll still be okay, right? RIGHT? Okay I am really all over the place most times.. ANYWAY. Here's the long overdue wrap up of all the books I read and listened to last month.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer 4.5/5 Some of you might be thinking about Twilight now. And yah, she's the same Author but this book is so utterly different to Twilight! I mean I like Twilight, or at least liked it when I last read it and that was about three or more years ago. No idea how I'd feel about it if I'd read it now but that's not the point. I really enjoyed the Host. The Relationship between Wanda and Melanie is something so unique and crazy, I really enjoyed reading about how it developed. If you have no idea of what I'm talking about here but you like a bit of Sci-Fi I'd advice you to just try it out. I did have my little …

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